Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beyond flowers n fruits..

Sun-kissed fresh green leaves,

flowers in bloom,

tiny buds,as if just about to burst into fresh blossoms,

green grass bathed in sparkling morning dew,

the air filled with that musty dampness,

squirrels playfully hiding in and out well-trimmed bushes,

and majestic trees that spread out their massive branches-an abode to those beautiful chirpy creatures....

thats probably the picture that most of us create upon hearing the word garden..few of us,if not none,think about the miracles taking form there...

IN the coccoons that metamorphose to butterflies..

IN the flower that just got pollinated by a busy bee..

"LIFE just took new form"

IN the anthill you just stepped over..

IN the squirrel you just shooed away..

"A WAVE of flurry just took over minute fauna"

IN the crunching of dried leaves beneath your step..

IN the chirping of hungry chicks perched atop the highest branches..

"NATURE just harmonised its favourite melodies"

AND as the sun sets low..

That swarm of bees entering their intricately built hives..

And the birds,their articulately woven nests..

A sight!

after all home is where the heart is..!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Retail therapy

This blog of mine specially goes out 2 all the shopaholics out there-a vast chunk of which constitute the fairer sex.. Shopping works wonders for us,doesn't it ladies.. the ultimate mood-uplifter..

For those who've never tried it out,do try it someday..
someday when u r feeling blue..
someday when there's nothin' 2 beat the boredom
someday when blissful solitude turns 2 (ugh..) loneliness..

Just grab ur wallet..
some credit cards would come in handy if ur a spendthrift lyk me
a buddy,to accompany u,would just add 2 the fun..
the keys 2 ur car..and off u go......
what next??


Buy yourself new clothes..try out a new pair of jeans-so what if you are not in the mood of buying it!! good tym 2 assess how many more inches u need 2 lose b4 that u could get into that envious pair of waist 26 jeans!!
Dress yourself in the most expensive tees..even if u know your eventually never going 2 buy it-thats the fun of it all!!!
And who doesn't love buying footwear-anything from the colorful flipflops,those sexy stilettos,ballerinas maybe or just those branded sport shoes to spice up your workouts...

Indulge in the latest spa treatments,get yourself a wild new hairdo, buy ur pals gifts..thats pleasure in itself..!! honestly!

And after all the calories you've lost shopping (thats my favourite reason to shop !).. treat youself to the creamiest cappuccino you've had in a long long time...aaah..bliss!!

i'm sure this is goin 2 fetch much applause,atleast from the womenfolk...rite ladies!!!

The woes of being a non-vegetarian in a vegetarian India

i'd always been this pampered daddy's girl..with nice chubby cheeks and a size u wudnt call small..thanx 2 my "chicken twice a day" diet.the "Halim's"-thats my family,love good food,n i am no exception.. our migration 2 india from a country that survives on animal food never made much of a difference,4 the "home-fed" me.. 4 i was still a "chicken twice a day" girl.. never made a difference...till...i was sent 2 a hostel!!

im known 2 b very adjusting..n the new "pure veggie" menu was,as i took it "just another of the new changes around me".......

one and a half years down the lane..

im no more that chubby cheeks girl i used 2 be...i've lost weight like i'm just back after a liposuction!! my features r ever more prominent,atleast i know how my cheekbones look now,without having 2 dissect my face,the thing we do 2 cadavers at medskool..... ALL THANKS 2 the vegetarian food... :(..

vegetarian foods yumm...n nutritious..n less fattening...but it sure is the most boring form of food for a chronic non-vegetarian poor girl like me...!! i often wonder how people can feast on "grass" for all their lives!! n how less variety there is!!... atleast at hostel... breaks all barriers of monotony... God bless me poor girl!!

A Miracle called BIRTH

"The pain of a woman in labour amounts to that of 10,000 martyrs in battlefield"-so i'd read and heard..

Being a medical student I knew I'd have 2 face women in labour pains-little did i know I'll witness a normal delivery so soon..

The uneasy calm of a warm summer afternoon was broken only by the occassional crisps of paper, the noisy fan and the sound of metal somethings ,as the nurse readied her instument trolly; while the 2 of us students waited for instructions from our superiors, with nothing but our wrist watches to beat the boredom..

...when all of a sudden,the eerie silence was broken by an unwelcoming hustle bustle,sounds of excitement interspersed with hysterical shrieks n cries. The two of us stepped aside while our superiors took charge of the situation- anxious relatives shoving a woman, visibly pregnant into the labour room. While the relatives were asked 2 leave,the 2 of us were ushered to the delivery table- clueless and blank we kept watching..the sequence of events that followed left us stunned........................

How with each contraction, the pain kept aggravating

How with each passing second, the woman's resolve grew stronger

How every bout of effort, left her exhausted..

How every bit of encouragement worked wonders for her

Minutes seemed hours for her-thanks 2 the excruciating pain

And endless hours at those..

Slimy membranes...

And blood..pooled into trays..

THEN,lo and behold..

That tiny tuft of hair



Out and in for the next few seconds..

Uncertain probably..of what lay ahead..

Waiting 4 maybe..another push or two..

"And out it pops"

The miracle of God..

Delivered into the world..

Welcome baby, welcome new life...........

then lay the mother-exhausted,calm but with happiness that new no bounds..


20 years off my life just flew past me...its only now i realise how much i could've done..lemme reframe it...its only now i realise how much "more" i could've that sounds more positive..
how much i love the word "perfect".. n dats what i strive 2 b...
perfect daughter
perfect sister
perfect doctor
perfect looks
perfect figure
perfect manners...
perfecr friend...
the world is a limitless place...huge n fascinating..
so many languages 2 learn..
so many cultures 2 explore
so many ppl 2 interact with
so many books 2 read
so many cuisines 2 experiment..
i am greedy 4 it all...

life's 2 short 4 so much 2 b done!!

wonder how i can maximise each moment that im blessed with...