Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm gonna miss u forever..

Twas fun 2 b loved, and cared for
twas fun 2 b pampered endlessly..
To wake up 2 another sleepy voice,
to share each breath,across unknown distances..
The thought of being cuddled into the coziness of fluffy bedspreads,with u at my side..
And you, waking up 2 the nothingness of the dark night,just to whisper into my ears- "baby, i love u.."
I'm going 2 miss it all..had loved you with all your imperfections.. wish you had too...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Being one of the Halim clan, I was labelled a foodie since the day I was born.. for there isn't a Halim who doesnt love good food.. & an indian H alim at that!

15 years past my relatively uneventful existence was when I became a "resident" Indian & that was precisely when I discovered something I had unfortunately been deprived of all those years- PANI PURIS !

Pani puris, aka golgappas, gupchups, phuchkas & whatever else the diversity of the indian subcontinent calls it, are amazing crispy, crunchy hollow balls of fried flour or suji, with spicy mashed potatoes fed into them & filled to the brim with tangy water, thanks 2 fresh tamarind, with rich indian powdered spices- which seemingly excite every tastebud that exists!

The day I first had it was when I realised how wide I could open my mouth 2 pop one in without spilling out the water.. honestly! Though first attempts were failed attempts, even the dripping of water into my plate was fun !

And the way the crispy ball cracks between the tongue and palate, giving way to the water that floods the mouth & playfully flirts around with your tastebuds.. & the hint of mashed potato beneath your molar.. pleasure beyond words !!

OH & by the way, they r never 2 be eaten alone cz half the fun of it comes from watching others struggle to pop it in without crushing the delicate crisp between their fingers; or all the water that drips from the corners of their mouth and down 2 their chin..oops!! even soil their shirts!! :) ... or the series of expressions that take form..

... mouth wide open..

...cheeks ballooned..

...lips pursed tightly to avoid "leakage" :p

...that hint of alarm when they stain their shirts..

...followed by a quick blink as they savour the tangy liquid..

...a swallow..

and then that satisfactory grin..

For those never sensitised to it, you can even see visible goosepimples cropping up!!

Need i say more than YUMMMMMMM... !!