Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'll Miss You Dadi...

Hospital greens had been the colour of the month

For every time, she was there, they were there to welcome her

Those, and the pungent smell of disinfectants..

Everday, from dawn to dusk, she’d sit alone

The chair in the corner of the waiting hall, she’d made her own..

For they said, she wasn’t old enough to trespass the boundaries of the green curtains beyond the glass doors

Over the month, all she’d seen were nurses rushing in and doctors taking rounds,weary relatives at times..

She knew they had her granny in there, and hopeful granny would call her in one day she waited.. and waited..

When finally today they did call her...

Among a million wires, large monitors and machines she’d never seen..

Among suppressed sobs and sniffs ..

There lay granny..

Peaceful and calm,

Still and serene,

Her face whiter than the shroud that covered her today..

And they thought, she was too little to understand............

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


pictures of my favourite corner at college.. my favourite bench facing "the budgy n bunny enclosure" as i call it.. can sit here for hours together just watching fluffy bunnies munching on greenies, or budgies meticulously preening themselves.. And at times just the musty smell of wet grass gives me a high..

If ever you find me nowhere, you know where to look now ;)