Thursday, October 18, 2007

I walk AND walk....AND walk some more

i love walking..really..its as simple as that..
Nevertheless..even just walking creates an issue..
with nothing worthwhile to do in the evenings..i walk..
my doctor tells me to walk..
i can go on 4 an hr..maybe another half..
sometimes 2..

dad says im killing myself
uncle says-"wow!!that calls in for stamina and energy"
dad says "that calls for psychological aid"
what say???
dad says i dehydrate myself,and thicken my blood,that maybe not be a good thing to do..
i say,"come with me and feel the energy"

feel every vessel in ur body come alive
feel ur gastocnemius and soleus pump to every step
feel the wind in your hair
feel every drop of hardwork that gets you charged up,each time u feel it trickle..

guys...get me ways i can convince my papa...don't try persuading me against it..4 all u know-convincing me against walking won't really help..

maybe thats whats getting over daddy dear


Her mouth was shut
Yet spoke to me.
Her eyes were shut
Yet saw me.
Her lips were bolted,
Yet kissed me..

She spoke 2 me,
In a voice like never before.
She said to me,
"You have miles to go and loads to live"
She kissed me..
And said farewell...!