Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The lil thing landed in my balcony this afternoon.. she doesn't even know how to fly yet !! she won't let go off my hand at tyms !!

People, Mehreen's getting married.. plz wish her lots of luck and love... www.pinklovesbrown.blogspot.com..

more from me later

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let the eyes do the talking...!

Through the corner of your eyes, you see him enter the room…
You saved him the seat beside you
And he knows it... But he
Decides against sitting by you
And opts cleverly for a seat across the row.

You are in his field of vision, definitely
But his inflated ego refuses to acknowledge the fact..
You know exactly what to do.

Your slender hands manicured especially for him
Playfully turn the pencil to point towards him..
One quick glance towards him,
And there, you catch his eyes, clearly flirtatious,
He breaks into that slightly dimpled smile of his,
quickly curtained to avoid the professor’s wrath.
Your heart skips a beat, and so does his I bet..
His non verbal advances…
Your playful responses…
The blissful turbulence inside you, you feel
When even the most insignificant movements speak oodles…
And you leave it to your eyes do the all talking!! (and the teasing of course !)