Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The lil thing landed in my balcony this afternoon.. she doesn't even know how to fly yet !! she won't let go off my hand at tyms !!

People, Mehreen's getting married.. plz wish her lots of luck and love... www.pinklovesbrown.blogspot.com..

more from me later


  1. cute bird.. guess u're its mommy now :)

  2. Hey sweety... this bird looks just like you :) No.. really!

    And thanks for the sooo much love you've given me :) **muah** You're a honey pie, did ya know that?? :)

  3. Lovely picture...take care of the bird!!!

    Wish Mehreen all the very best for her marriage...!!!

  4. @DOC
    hehe !! no way , we're 'just frenz ' !!! :P

  5. @ mehreen..
    they call me a bird @ college too :( !!!
    tweety, chi, whatever !!!

    :). i'm glad ur so happy !

  6. @ nazish

    i had a hard tym taking the pic.. the poor thing was so scared every tym it flashed! finally switched off the flash, and asked a lil boy to hold the bird for me !

    i'll def convey ur love to mehr :)

  7. oye birdie (can i call you that?), my blog link you have given is wrong :P

  8. This grey font is a little difficult to read!!

    And I once had a bird like this too. Fallen from a tree. Didnt know how to fly. Green in colour. Me and my bro took care of it. With time it started flying around the house and it became a permenat fixture in our lives. Even my mom didn't mind it much. But one day I woke up to find it dead. Bro and I by mistake left it in our bedroom and the AC was on high. Dad thinks it died because of the cold. I sometimes wonder how it would have been if it didnt die that day. If we had remembered to put it in our living room. If we were aware of the fact that it could die in the cold. Maybe it would grow up and one day leave us anyway. But I would prefer it to leave us this way rather than the way it did.

  9. oops, im so sorry darling...

    guys mehr's link " www.pink-loves-brown.blogspot.com "

  10. @ arv.. thank u

    @ mehr... sure, hop on to the bandwagon, everyone calls me that cz they say i sound lyk a bird !!

  11. @ zeba

    thanku for the font advice, it shall be definitely taken care of..

    that is so touching hunnie.. i had around 40 pet budgies 2yrs back.. i know what it feels to lose them.. !

  12. @ deluded doc...

    i know, mehr says she looks like me !!! is there a connection !!!! lolllzz :D !!

  13. oooh, deluded.... did i just hear u saying - "HOT (sparrow) CHICK " !!! :P

  14. haha.

    samajhdaar ko bas ishaara hi kaafi hai ;)

    oh. no.
    thats a cool chick.

    hot chick is a reserved word ;)

    and while we're on the picture,

    I DID notice that most medical girls have soft pinky hands but this........!

  15. uggghh nooooo !! this isnt my hand !! i swear by Heaven !!!! this is the guy who works at home !! i was with the camera dumbo !!

  16. aww...sweet:)
    still with you, or u have taught it flying?!

  17. oooh.

    actually I was going to say well maintained hands, but then......I dont think thats needed now;)

    wait. guy roommate? really?

    alrighty tinky!

    you really do have very pretty hands!

  18. @ vanilla sky
    hey !! how're u doin... she flew away.. we set her free last evening :(

  19. @ doc !!!
    i could kill you now !!! those are hands of a 15yr old MALE !! no guy roomies , i'm home- summer break remember.. i know u guys have it in jun.. when i'll be back to bhopal :(!!

    ahaa!! thank u 4 the last lyn ... lyk u said samajhdaar ko blah blah blah ;) !!

  20. 15 yr old male, who's not your brother........

    OH.MY.GOD. :P

    hehe. nope. we dont have summer break so... hehe. winter will be the only time I come.

    also, about the discovery you made, 5 is just too small
    at least half of your batchmates would know my name! so dont be surprised! ask them if you dont believe me ;)

    but, a request here.

    please keep my blog link(or infact the whole presence of a blog-thing) a secret from them?

    thanks! :)

    anonymity means a lot

  21. although, they MIGHT refuse to recognize me ;)

  22. The birdie is beautiful :) Don't worry over the fact that you let her free... She'll be just fine :)

    Cheers!!! Have a great weekend :)

  23. Sparrows I've heard are pecked to death by other sparrows if they sense human scent on them. I have no idea how true the above statement is.

    I assume that's a common sparrow you are holding.

  24. @ kido.. she is :)...

    @ abhi... tnx :)

    @virus .... NOOOOOOOO WAAAY !! really..???? sparrows r so harmless.. they wudnt do sumthing as brutal !!! :(

  25. hmmm...kuch bhi.....iske liye kya kya sunna padta hai......

  26. i have a video whr a crow is climbing stairs not able to fly. and i love watching crows. they are so hyper activ :)

  27. the bird looks just ryt in place in ur hands(am assuming they r ur hands).

  28. The bird is in safe hands! :)

  29. Take care of the cute bird... And wish ur friend a good luck from my side :)

  30. pehle tum yeh batao ke pic ek hath se kaise click kiya

  31. Awwww... Choo Very Chweet !!!