Thursday, April 30, 2009

LAILA- My Fairytale Princess

As a kid, I was extremely fond of visiting the babies in the neonatal ICU (NICU). I wasn't allowed inside obviously, but through the glass in the children ward , i'd stare at the little somethings for hours at end. Every time i stopped to look at them , the nurse on duty would swing a cot beside me. Through the corner of my eye, I'd look at the inhabitant of the cot- a beautiful girl- her complexion as white as milk, and rose lips; her soft brown locks would rest loosely on her pink cheeks- and if ever i looked at her directly-she'd break into this million dollar smile and her green eyes would twinkle bright as she smiled- she was pristine- my fairytale princess..

The shy girl that I was , I never really spoke to her, until Aunty Rahil introduced me to her one day.. "Baby Laila" she said..
"Arabic ? " i asked
I stood there puzzled for a while. Aunty explained Laila knows 3 diff languages- Arabic, English , Filipino .. and she even understands Hindi.I stood their awestruck.
Over the next few days , i started visiting the children's ward more often-less to see the nicu babies, more to meet my new pal Laila. There wasn't a moment her smile would fade.. I started talking to her, taught her my name. She was probably a year older to me, but she was so small, n delicate, n skinny..laila never stood up.
Just out of curiosity i asked laila one day, "Laila, phen anta baba, mama" (Laila, where r ur parents?). For the first time in all those days , her smile was subdued.. n softly she whispered - "Laila don know baba mama" ... through the gap in the cot's railings i gave princess my hand.......

It was only years later I was told Laila lost her parents - her dad,a Saudi national n mum an Egyptian- shortly after she was born,in an accident. Laila survived,but was crippled for life. She was now taken care by the Filipino, Indian and Saudi nurses at the hospital. That was her home, and we were family..

I've lost touch with Laila, and the nurses at hospital.. I wish I knew how Laila is, where she is now...She was the happiest girl I'd ever met despite all that she'd lost.. I really miss seeing her, miss telling her, "I'll be Laila's mama".. we love you Laila, wherever you are. God bless you hunnie..


  1. heartwarming.


    youre both sweet!

  2. I hope Laila is doing good :)

    very touching :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  3. is gaane ke saath kaise koi blog padh sakta hai .,.. akal hi nahi hai kuch,,, thoda aur soft song lagao.. ki kuch padh bhi sake.... :P

  4. @ suree
    hey. welcome 2 my blog :).. i'm glad u liked it.. cheers..

  5. @ mOTE !!!
    shuT UP FATSO , WILL YOU !!

  6. we get so attached to few things in life

    god bless both of you

  7. absolutely sweety.. so much, you never want to let go...

  8. wow that took me aback.. this happened in Gizan??

  9. happy and sad post. memories always remain whether u want it or nt.
    but seriously It wud be so nice if u happen to meet her. will u even recognize her??

  10. oh i didnt think of that... i guess not !! :(