Monday, April 27, 2009

@ pAppU in EVery HOuseHOld

A pappu in every household…
I don’t know about the rest of the world but if you have any Indian links, I’m mighty sure you’ve at the least, 1 pappu at home.. !!!

Pappu bhaiya ??
Pappu mama??
Pappan uncle ??
Pappu, ur best friend’s nickname – he wouldn’t have told you for sure you dumbo!!
Pappu- the guy who can’t dance, s**** !!
Pappu-the guy who doesn’t vote…
Pappu-the guy who washes your car???
Pappu, your new neighbor??
Pappu – the milk man??
Pappu- jo pass ho gaya !!!
Pappu –who picks his nose !!!

I wonder what’s with the name??!! I’m definitely going to Google it one of these days!!
Google: “origin of pappu”- apart from his parents, silly !
Google: “the pappu revolution”
Google: “who names their kids pappu???” ……… I mean people still doooo ??!!!!!!!!
Google: “who was the first pappu anyway??????”
Google: “why can’t people get over the name pappu??”

And while Google looks for my answers, I assume pappu’s graduated from being just a household name to a synonym for the Indian guy-next- door !!

Ok, Mr.every next blogger- own up- are you a pappu too ???!!!

P.s .. what’s the female version of pappu ??? pappy??? Pappi?? Papp’irl’?? papp’woman’ ???


  1. hey isra!!...all in name "pappu"!!..hehe...

    question thinkable hai....female version of pappu.....lolz....needed an all india suggestion :P

    ...haan i was happily surprised to see ur comment on my blog...will look for more of them.....carry on isra!

  2. Isra,

    that was a funny write up..
    even i thought.. yeah, pappu is a common name..

  3. he hee... cute one...

    i dont think i have a pappu in my home...

  4. @neeraj
    bhai ka friend=moi friend hai na... n for that amazing compliment u gave us on the previous post, im indebted !!!

  5. thanks vinu..

    puzzled at the popularity of the name pappu

  6. @ arv..
    im sure u'll sooner or later find someone...
    ask the guy who drives u around ! or maybe your colony electrician...!!

  7. haan haan pleasure.......thx to blog world me knowing so many interesting ppl :P

  8. pappu's female version could be 'gudiya' i know a lot of 'gudiyas'

    and i have a pappu mama.. :D

  9. @neeraj
    blogging sure does make one interactive.. :)

  10. @pink...
    oh yeah!! how come i never thought of gudiya !!! i know loads of them too !

  11. Kya baat hai poori thesis kar daali Pappu per.
    very well written.:)
    Liked your blog and thanks for visiting mine.:)
    have a nice day.:)

  12. @ sneha..
    thank u dear...n for visiting my blog too !!

  13. PAppu uncle, my dad's 'besht' friend. :D :D :D

  14. nice blog.
    spent last one hour here.

  15. ooh thanx sachin... :)
    u r welcome anytime.. thanks for visiting.. cheers!

  16. apna playlist to change kar do

  17. cute one....
    n apart frm pappu....a raju,a sunny, a bittu.....
    n gals... one pinki, one gudiya for sure....:)

  18. acha majak hai kisi ke nick name ka....pappu a milk man....aur bhi bht kuch likhna tha...

  19. @ peelu
    thank you... i second gudiya!!

  20. @ anonymous..
    whats the mazak anyway ??!!!

  21. nothing...u kp it up..
    i have seen ur orkut profile.....kya lagti ho yarr

  22. @mr. anonymous..
    n u think i dunno who u r ???!!!!!

  23. oooh !! the pappu campaign's making headlines !